What’s the difference between hi rebound and hi control?


I am planning on ordering new kickers (I’m currently using the obo robo high control), and was wondering the difference between the high rebound and high control.


As the name suggests the High Rebound offer a more significant rebound effect to the kicker. The foam compresses and expands resulting in high paced clears with a minimum amount of impact. Typically keepers who play with the High Rebound kickers use more of a deflecting than kicking style in playing the ball. The only down-side is that because of the compression, once the kickers lose their elasticity you lose rebound and will feel the ball more than you might with the High Control kickers. It all depends on your game. Personally I tend to kick rather than deflect when I save/clear and prefer the High Controls.

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  1. havnt used the HC but you do feel shots quite a bit through the HR kickers. I have a new pair of HR kickers and feel shots more through them than I do through my other kickers (TK GX2.0)

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