Top 15 Colours of OBO ROBO Legguards

Have you ever wondered what colour combination you should get your next legguards in? Check out the top OBO 15…

Have you ever wondered what colour combination you should get your next legguards in? Well here is a list that shows the top 15 OBO ROBO legguard colour combinations sold to date.

Did you know that OBO offers 45 colour combinations?!? Obviously not every retailer is able to stock all these colours, but you can special order any one of these colour combos through your local OBO retailer.

  1. Black/ Blue Wing
    black blue robo
  2. Grey/Black Wing
    grey black robo
  3. Black/Red Wing
    black red robo
  4. Black
  5. Blue
    blue robo
  6. Orange/ Black Wing
    orange black robo
  7. Red
    red robo
  8. Pink/ Black Wing
    pink black robo
  9. Red/ Blue Wing
    red blue wing
  10. Yellow/ Black Wing
    yellow black robo
  11. Yellow/ Blue Wing
    yellow blue robo
  12. Pink/ Orange Wing
    pink orange
  13. Black/ Orange Wing
    black orange robo
  14. Orange/ Blue Wing
    oranage blue robo
  15. Blue/ Orange Wing
    blue orange robo

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24 thoughts on “Top 15 Colours of OBO ROBO Legguards”

  1. all the pads look so nice. too bad mine still have a couple of seasons left in them so I have to wait to get some new different colored ones.

  2. Go Black!!!
    I really miss that full black kit (I´m the keeper in the photo).
    So you can order any combination through the local dealer??

    How is the FIH ruling on white color “inside part” (thinking of white / black wing maybe) ???

  3. @ mono
    r u still playing black???
    i think this is boring

    im playing orange/black wing

    black white sound nice!

    i know a goalie played in complete white outfit with a yellow shirt
    looked realyy amazing!

  4. I really want the Blue/ Orange Wing but in holland only the national goalies and playing voor U16 and U18 get this:(
    Does somebody knows how to get them whitout being a national goalie??

    I’m using Black/blue wing right now… these ar nice to;)
    Just like the combination of 2 collers… makes it special… Using one collered legguards is a bit boring i think…

  5. I’m playing in black- blue wing with black kickers thinking of red blue or red black this season.

    So in the other 45 colours is there red and pink in either combo if so where can I get them and are there pink kickers?

    also when do we get a new helmet graphics my as my blue red splat needs replacing?

  6. @ Maaike-91

    If I was you I would send an email to your national distributor or a shop that sells OBO asking them if they could get a pair of them in you. If not I’m sure OBO NZ would be happy to sell you some in the color you want (if you ask nicely).

  7. I’ve got orange w/black wings right now and they look really good with my black gloves and black and orange stick.
    I was also wondering what the rules are in regards to white on the inside of the pads. I was thinking white with red wings, like a canadian flag.
    I saw the Aussie keeper with kangaroos on the corner of the pads. Does OBO do custom orders for the national players? I’m hoping to make it into the Junior National team program and eventually make the team and go to the 2013 Junior Worlds and would be interested in getting a pair of pads with a maple leaf or FHC logo in the corner.

  8. Just got a pair off the Orange/Pink ones with Orange kickers, LOVE THEM. Also got the blue hi rebound gloves which is a totally different but intresting look.

  9. club has a spare set of grey/black legguards and kickers
    not sure if kickers are HiRB or HiCOntrol

    will give them a try to see if they fit me. always avoided obo as they look too tight for my 20inch calf muscles

  10. I’m in Australia and I don’t seem to be able to order in any colour but what the shops have in stock… :/

    Would really love the red wings/grey inside combo I’ve seen around, but I can’t get red kickers to match and it looks pretty average with the black or orange ones that are available.

    Feel like we are getting a raw deal with the Aussie retailers with prices and stock availability considering how much closer we are to NewZealand than all the other hockey countries!!

  11. Hi, just wondering, why are there rules regarding white?

    Have black/blue gear at the moment but it’s school gear so I want to get my own. Yellow/black and orange/black look nice…

  12. The rules regarding white are used mainly for television reasons and are only enforced as tournament regulations at high level international tournaments. (WC, EC, etc.)

  13. Just to say to all of the people that have commented about white kit, i agree it would be awesome but one teacher/coach at my college is an ex eng national keeper who used to play in white kit (green smock) which i thought looked awesome but he told me that they now no longer use white because at national level it is not accepted as a white ball is always used! haha it sucks as i as gunna buy myself new legs kicks an gloves in white 🙁

  14. hi guys i have been looking to get some intresting ideas for my colours i want to choose for my new pads and well was just wondering do you think obo would do flags on there pads like in corners for on natniol players because have seen them and i know ob does flag helmet customisation so was wondering if obo could make leguards and kickers with flags printed on then

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