Decision Making


Hello, can you tell me what should I do, when the attacker is coming closer to goal and I come out but he shoot in this time before the 1-1 is there?



Hi Alex,

your question is a tricky one and a lot will depend on where the breakdown you’re describing happens. What you’re talking about is basically decision making. One of the biggest problems goalkeepers have is coming out for the sake of coming out. The two choices a keeper has is to either stay back and react to a shot, or come out and engage the 1v1. If you’re getting caught moving before being able to engage in the 1v1 you’re either coming out too late or should stay back in the goal. I wrote a tip on slide tackling a while ago and I think many of the same themes still hold true, below is a link to it:

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  1. Here’s how I try to deal with these situations:

    I try to play a bit like an icehockey goalie.
    First im rushing out of my goal to get a nice angle.
    Then I start to move back to my goal very slow. Most attackers I played against in the past years don’t know how to deal with this. They’ll run on until they’re finally in reach for a nice clear with the stick.
    Works for me 😉

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