Fibreglass Helmet Review

When I started to play with OBO over 15 years ago, I didn’t use the OBO helmet but the icehockey style Cooper helmet. After a few years I tried on the OBO helmet and since then I won’t use another helmet anymore.

What I like about the helmet:

  • Protection is really good — I’ve been hit quite some times over the years but my head is still on my shoulders.
  • Perfect fit — this is a major improvement vs the other helmets I’ve used. This helmet fits perfectly well and it feels like you’re not even wearing one
  • Cool looks — Obviously the least important of the 3, but nice anyway… I have had some custom made helmet which (in my opinion) are very cool

The newest helmet I use now is pretty heavy. I thought this might be irritating, but when you put it on you hardly notice the weight and because of the perfect fit this gives no problems.

One thing I always change when I get a new helmet is the position of the wire cage. I like it better when it is placed a little lower on the helmet than standard — the vision is much better like that. So with help of the nice people at Verbunt (Dutch importer of OBO) I put in some new screws in the helmet.

All in all I’m very pleased with the helmet and I can’t think of a better one in the market.

I’ve added some pics of the custom helmets I’ve used.

Cheers and a happy new year from Amsterdam!

Klaas Veering