Fibreglass Helmet Review

When I started to play with OBO over 15 years ago, I didn’t use the OBO helmet but the icehockey style Cooper helmet. After a few years I tried on the OBO helmet and since then I won’t use another helmet anymore.

What I like about the helmet:

  • Protection is really good — I’ve been hit quite some times over the years but my head is still on my shoulders.
  • Perfect fit — this is a major improvement vs the other helmets I’ve used. This helmet fits perfectly well and it feels like you’re not even wearing one
  • Cool looks — Obviously the least important of the 3, but nice anyway… I have had some custom made helmet which (in my opinion) are very cool

The newest helmet I use now is pretty heavy. I thought this might be irritating, but when you put it on you hardly notice the weight and because of the perfect fit this gives no problems.

One thing I always change when I get a new helmet is the position of the wire cage. I like it better when it is placed a little lower on the helmet than standard — the vision is much better like that. So with help of the nice people at Verbunt (Dutch importer of OBO) I put in some new screws in the helmet.

All in all I’m very pleased with the helmet and I can’t think of a better one in the market.

I’ve added some pics of the custom helmets I’ve used.

Cheers and a happy new year from Amsterdam!

Klaas Veering

11 thoughts on “Fibreglass Helmet Review”

  1. Everyone can buy a basic FG or CK helmet and get it spray painted, it’s just a question of money. But it helps money-wise when you are a long time sponsored player that is also involved in the development of new gear.

    Klaas: Just curious, why the change to white/red from your “trademark” black/red? And how’s the injury? Any idea when you’ll be playing again?

  2. Thanks, is it just your normal spray paint that you would use?? and do you need to put anything over the paint to reduce paint damage from head shots and slides??

  3. Contact a professional painter or Obo for paint specs. When you’re using the wrong paint it can affect the resin in a negative way thus sacrificing the integrity of the helmet.
    Over the final paint job you should always apply 1 or 2 layers of clear paint.

    If you need a custom fit: as far as I am aware every Obo helmet comes with extra pieces of foam which you can use to customise the padding to suit the exact shape of your head.
    Or, if want a real custom helmet, contact Stacey Composites. He’s a master in creating custom helmets, including paint jobs. (And it needn’t be (much) more expensive than an Obo)

  4. hi, i’m about to customize mine.
    a friend was thinking of finding a pattern and create a sticker.
    what do you guys think.
    knowing that his a computer graphist disgner.
    and Klaas Veering, like your helmet, specialy the first one.

  5. Hello,

    I’ve got the same helmet I play in an Junior team JB1 and like klaas said also it has a great fit and big protection for my head Also I got it special painted but not like klaas I will recremend this helmet to every that is playing on a high class!! because it’s the best.

    Regards Thomas

  6. I’m going to be buying a CK and am going to be getting it custom painted. Can anyone who has painted their helmet tell me the estimated cost, the design and how much detail you had on it?
    P.S. My parents are giving me 500$ towards the paint job and I have to pay 450$ for the helmet and cover any extra cost for the paint job.

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