Helmet Cage Colour??

Recently we were asked…

Hey Guy’s,

I need to order a new cage for my OBO Helmet. I once remember someone telling me that silver was the best colour to get for some reason, but not sure why. OBO has 4 colours for sale Black, White, Silver and Yellow.

Anyone got any advice on what would be the best colour to order?


It’s an age old question but one worth mentioning again. So we had a chat about this in the community and here were some of the responses…

  • Pick a retro as colour just to distract your opponent.
  • In all fairness I’d take the silver a sand it back then paint it rainbow colours just to really distract the enemy.
  • Black as it is more subtle and does not obscure vision
  • Black, to reduce glare and be less intrusive to my vision.
  • Black, no reflections.
  • Black Helmet- Black Grill and so on. Spending all our hard earned cash on goalkeeping products it has to look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Silver or like a copper but that’s for indoor because the lighting sucks.
  • I’d love a chrome/silver grill, look modern and very swarve!
  • I currently have a silver one and the glare isn’t noticeable and doesn’t get in the way of vision. so probably silver or black depending on colour of my helmet at the time.
  • I have a silver one and would have it again, I feel it mirrors the surroundings so its not like wearing one at all.
  • Yellow cos there’s no point in hiding from the ball!
  • Yellow, because I don’t feel I get enough attention whilst wearing bright blue pads…

Does kit colour make a difference?


Does the colour of a goalie’s kit make a difference to the opposition. i.e. does the striker get distracted by bright colours?


The studies I’m aware of in regards to colour have been done with football and ice hockey. There are two different schools of thought, one is to blend in and the second is to distract. Blue and green are good blending colours. On the distracting front, red, orange and yellow are good distracting colours. I recently heard mention of a study done by a Canadian university that was done with ice hockey goalkeepers. The study centered on many keepers wearing white equipment to blend in with the white ice. They also did a study as to what colour made pads (all the same size, just different colours) appear to be the “biggest” and yellow coloured equipment was deemed to be the “biggest.” You can make a case for blending in or distracting. If a striker is distracted by your colours they’re not focusing on the goal. If you’re blending in, the striker may not see you. At the end of the day it’s not so much about what the striker sees, but what colours make you feel strongest in goal.

good luck,