Strengthen Those Wrists!

Hey guys and gals,

“I see so many goalkeepers have there hands down by their sides and then cannot move them quick enough to get them to any aerial shots.” (Quoted from my coach).

I do it sometimes i must admit that, but i have found something that can potentially help the lazy people out there like me.

I’m thinking that stronger wrist muscles will make it easier to lift your stick and hands up to those high balls, and also faster.

So here’s my solution;


Its an extremely powerful gyroscope that can put up to 12kg(i think) of pressure on your wrists.

I’m not an expert about it but you can find a bit more info here.

I’m picking that it will be popular with strikers as well but lets not tell them our secrets just yet.

Hope it helps some of you guys.


2 thoughts on “Strengthen Those Wrists!”

  1. Good Call – I bought one of those as was suffering with my stick flattening when diving, and it really has worked! My wrists are far stronger now and when diving I can keep my stick at the right angle.

    The other plus is stick saves – Much stronger and easier to deflect away from the goal.

    The other one, which is the biggest thing is 1 on 1’s, before when you meet the ball it was hard to swipe it away/clear it, but I can get a good firm stick on the ball now and play with far more confidence.

    Definitely a must have in any keepers bag, I also find it chills me out before a game as I can go off in my own little corner and get my mind into gear!!

  2. Oooh, I highly recommend Power Balls.

    I injured my right wrist a few seasons ago and was eventually offered steroid injections into the tendons to encourage the repair. However, after being told that this is not only seriously painful, but also has a risk of doing more harm than good I went with a less invasive treatment.

    I took glucosamine sulphate and used a power ball in the off-season daily and within 3 months I was fully repaired and had a good increase in strength. I now use a speed ball punch bag 3-4 times a week to improve arm speed and shoulder strength, but nothing has given gains like the Power Ball.

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