Slippery Stuff!

Hey guys and gals,

I don’t know about anyone else, but i love slide-tackling the striker thinking that they have just scored another goal because they get a 1v1 with the goalie. I’m ready and waiting, and then bam! they are on the ground and the ball is back over the halfway line.

Something that helps me achieve this is a small miracle called silicon spray. I spray a layer of this onto my leg guards before every game, (i have 3 practices and 2 games a week), and not only does it protect my pads from wearing down, it lets me slide alot faster on all turfs, (water and sand). Fast sliding means the striker mis judges your tackle, and the ball is yours.

One hint, don’t spray this stuff on your kickers otherwise you will find it alot harder to control the direction of the rebound, and if it get on the bottom of your feet then over you go.

You can buy silicon spray from a place like Repco, Bunnings, or any good automotive or engineering shop for around $10 NZD.

Videos of this great stuff to come.

Any questions please dont hesitate to ask.



Strengthen Those Wrists!

Hey guys and gals,

“I see so many goalkeepers have there hands down by their sides and then cannot move them quick enough to get them to any aerial shots.” (Quoted from my coach).

I do it sometimes i must admit that, but i have found something that can potentially help the lazy people out there like me.

I’m thinking that stronger wrist muscles will make it easier to lift your stick and hands up to those high balls, and also faster.

So here’s my solution;


Its an extremely powerful gyroscope that can put up to 12kg(i think) of pressure on your wrists.

I’m not an expert about it but you can find a bit more info here.

I’m picking that it will be popular with strikers as well but lets not tell them our secrets just yet.

Hope it helps some of you guys.