ROBO Bodi Arma Review

Hi Amazing Guys and Girls

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, just like me 🙂

I’m the proud owner of Obo ROBO Bodi Arma, well let’s just say when the parcel arrived I was like a small child at Christmas, and was soon bouncing about in my new toy.

Why do I think it’s so great???

1) When I’m wearing it I don’t look like a midget sumo wrestler!!! ( that’s because it’s super slim lined).

2) Those occasional blows to the chest dont’t feel like bullets and take my breath away; rendering me useless and the goal open to those goal hungry forwards.

3) I can move and jump around without it getting stuck on my shorts, (making it hard to get up fast from a slide), riding up (not covering tender parts) and twisting, which my previous body armour did (not sure about the make and model it was one I lent off my club).

4) It looks good with or without a a smock, also lets me have more choice on the smock front (well we all know how us girls love clothes). No need for super baggy or boring, I can becomne an individual with awesome designs :).

What’s not so great???

I have a real problem with the shoulder pads, they seem to rub and dig into my skin, especially if I’m not wearing a long sleeved top. They seem to over lap the main body of the Arma. I’ve tried to bend and mould them to no joy :(.

I think the main reason for this is that I’m a girl, which means I have those things men don’t have but love lol. This seems to push the Arma up and out causing gapping around the area (see pictures) meaning that the shoulders don’t sit in the right place.

But hay I think I can get over this small niggle.

Maybe Obo could think about making a Bodi Arma just for us girls????

Enjoy 🙂

My Robo Bodi ArmaMy Robo Bodi Arma
Side View of Bodi Arma
Side View of Bodi Arma
View from shoulder
View from shoulder
Gap between chest and Bodi Arma
Gap between chest and Bodi Arma
Better view of the gap
Better view of the gap

4 thoughts on “ROBO Bodi Arma Review”

  1. I argy completely (see post on ‘review my kit commotion winners’) OBO bodi armour is the best as it is so protective wiliest it is light and thin (this also helps with the female assets issue) but there could be more done about how the kit fits women without me hacking in to my kit to make it fit

    VIV x

  2. dw, the robo bodiarma u hav is the same as mine. Its not just coz ur a girl that the shoulders dig in and rub. Im a guy and i find that if u do the straps under the arms up the they rub, dig in and are generally uncomfortable but if u dont do them up at all the shoulder pads sit flat leaving ur triceps unprotected.

    i dont really no of an easy solution, i dont do the straps up tight, i loosly attach them just enough that the pads stay in place, someone wrote on the kid modifications page about stiching on ice hockey style shoulder caps but this sound difficult and quite and expencive solution.

    if i come up with anything ill leave another comment, please reply if u find a good solution.


  3. Thanks for the article really good.

    I’m looking to buy some new body armour and currently have the old OBO ROBO style, the new style seems to not have as much shoulder padding on or only be availiable in the chest pad model from what i can find in the uk.

    could you post some pics of the shoulders up a bit closer please?

    As for the shoulder parts not sitting properly, try a tight t-shirt as the smock, if the t-shirt is well fitted it will hold the padding in place with only slight straping, you may go through a few t-shirts but its worth it for the is pretty good for customs as well

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