Replacing your Obo front Kicker Straps


I did this video quickly the other night, it’s how I replace my Obo front kicker kicker straps. I find it the quickest easiest way. Let me know what you think! Or if you have a different/better way of doing it?

Hopefully the above should work. Otherwise go on to You Tube and type in ‘Replace Obo kicker strap’ that should work.



10 thoughts on “Replacing your Obo front Kicker Straps”

  1. Hi Swiss keeper,

    Yep that is correct. I use Mercian stick tape (Although I suspect any brand of the same type of tape will work) it is the textured/cloth type material, (not the rubber grip replacement tape). I find it does the best job, inexpensive and lasts me a good couple of weeks. (1-2 games, 1-2 training sessions per week) I can also get it in Pink! (so I can find it in my kit bag…)
    I never get that problem with the strap popping over my toes with this tape.


  2. Thanks for that link

    I have tried looking for a supplier of the actual strap material that obo uses but can’t find it anywhere! Must be a closely guarded secret like the recipe to coca cola!

  3. Hi all, i know this is a fairly old thread but wasn’t sure where to ask my question.

    I’m new to playing keeper and have been given a set of pads which include kickers resembling those in the above picture.

    Just wondering if anyone else has found that the tongue rubs badly on the shins ?? After my first stint in goal i found that i’d lost quite a lot of skin off both shins from the rubbing of the kicker tongues.

    Is they’re any special way to wear them to prevent this from happening ?

  4. Hi,
    As to the original subject of this thread. Instead of wire I use a metal kebab pin of which i have bent the sharp end.
    It goes through a lot quicker and avoids cutting your fingers when pulling the strap.

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