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I play for club and school in Australia and I train with a division one team on the side. Last week during division one training I was hit in the belly of my kicker last years Yahoo and it kind of hurt. I was fine at the time and I continued to train. Afterwards when I got home and I rolled my foot and several bones cracked. After a physio trip I came out missing all three of my games that weekend. Now to clarify I don’t blame my gear for my injury or Obo but I was thinking there aren’t many warnings on the site for gear about maximum speed or recommended use. Just a suggestion. Tyson H-CPS. I’m in the market for groin gear and thigh protectors. I was wondering how far can the thigh protectors go around and do you put an athletic cup in the groin gear or is it good to go out the packet.


I’m sorry to hear about your injury. All new OBO equipment comes with a warning that states that hockey is a contact sport and that injury is a possibility. I’m attaching a link from the OBO website that explains the recommended level of use for each range of equipment:

It can be tough with equipment when you’re a younger keeper training up, but I think it’s really important that when you buy and use equipment you consider the level you want to play in the future as that’s often where you’ll train. As you know, players in your first team can consistently hit the ball hard.

On your last question, the ROBO hot pants do a great job of protecting the inner thigh region. They must be worn with an athletic cup in the groin area, playing out of the packet is not a good idea.

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