Making the Robo HR Right Glove even more ‘Perfect’

Hi Keepers,

I’m Tommy Alexander and I play for Scotland U21s and Surbiton in England!

If your the type of keeper who likes to angle the gloves and let the foam do the work (like me), this will suit you!

I was a massive fan of the OBO Hi Control right hand glove but playing at higher level, it became more apparent I needed similar surface area as the left hand and OBO offered the Hi Rebound RH Glove. I really liked the size and rebound of the glove but felt it was restricting in terms of wrist movement (similar to the Left hand but removing that strap makes the glove perfect!).

Midway through the second half of the season (playing for Reading at the time) I got in contact with Jimi Lewis (Ex England and GB Goalkeeping Legend) to coach me. We discussed the OBO HR right hand and he showed me what cuts he did with a Stanley knife to his when he played at the Athens Olympics.


Here are the 6 stages to Making the Robo HR Right Glove even more ‘Perfect’ πŸ˜€

Make sure you remove the strap and the softer foam.


Stage 1 (marking the cuts) I’ve made a straight line from in between the 1st and 2nd indent on the left. Then a line across, leaving a thin strip from the velcro underneath. Then a line back down on the right, roughly in line with the gap, where the strap would of come out from originally!


Stage 2 line your wrist and arm in the middle of the glove (where it would be in a match. Make 2 cuts either side of you wrist of where you’d like the strap to be relocated (personally I have it just below the wrist bone)


Stage 3 At the bottom of your cuts (cuts should be about 3-5 cm long), join the original two cuts with a straight line. Making 3/4s of a rectangle (don’t be afraid of going to deep, once you feel the hard plate, do not cut any further)


Stage 4 put the strap under the cut and tape it back down


Stage 5 the soft inner foam should be put back in the original place. Cut away to the same shape as the new cutting (if needed apply tape to keep it steady)


Stage 6 Enjoy πŸ™‚

Tommy alexander xoxo

19 thoughts on “Making the Robo HR Right Glove even more ‘Perfect’”

  1. Doesn’t this affect the stability of the glove then when you are making stick/glove clearences in the upright position, ie not with your wrist rotated into the “penalty corner” position?

    OBO/ Dai: any reason the glove wasn’t designed like this to begin with? I know the new Monarch lightening glove is more like this…

    Natural instinct says don’t attack my Β£110 glove with a stanley knife, but this does make more sense and is tempting?

  2. glad to see some comments and some good questions! πŸ™‚

    Floz You’ll be surprised, re-located the strap further down the glove keeps the glove steady,

    This took me several goes to work out the best style and cuts, and by keeping the soft inner foam and trimming it to fit the gap keeps the hand snug in the glove…

    Regarding the upright position its easier to angle the ball to the keepers right for clearances. Which i found harder with the standard glove as you had to angle your upper body making bad technique!

    I appreciate the kit is expensive and that may put people of from alterations but i believe it makes the glove better

    good luck



  3. @Floz

    OBO is focused on making OBO products the best. Keepers Resources is where players can share tips, contribute knowledge and learn from other keepers via articles.

    If no one tells OBO there is a problem with a product we cant fix it this seems like a good tip and we should look into this to make the Hi-control RHP even more amazing!

    Tell us straight – we listen!

  4. I think the comment above is a really good one.

    If we look at keepers around the world. There is a domination with the TK right hand glove if we list a few top gks (nick brothers, Klaas Veering and Jaap Stockmann) these gks are sponsored by different brands but all use the TK right hand.

    If OBO like the idea above, I’m happy to pass any more info to get an OBO version of my HR Right glove (sure it be a little neater) πŸ˜‰

    Just wanted to add theres an alternitive to the wrist strap, you can use several wraps of tape through the whole where the stick comes out and make a finger strap (jimi has done it in the first photo)

    The only down side to relocating the strap, when taping the 3/4 rectangle down make sure you have strong tape, rain can loosen it. So alteratly glue the rectangle down and with soft inner foam a line of glue maybe needed if there isnt much velcro left or playing in the uk bad weather!!!


  5. @Tommy A

    nice article chief!! Seems that you’ve stirred up some interesting discussions with your article, good work!!
    It’s always good to come up with different ideas and to start up discussions about these ideas!!
    But i have to say, 1 thing i’m not sure about your glove is that it is cut with straight lines on back. I actually cut mine with a curved line, basically the same line the glove has but deeper down the back of the glove. in my mind this gives more up/down movement with the right hand.
    But your idea with moving the strap further down is pure genius!!!!
    Good work fella and look forward to catching up soon.
    Big kiss xxxx

  6. i’m SERIOUSLY wanting to start this modification… this i fixes the ONLY issue i had with this glove…
    but damn, i’m concerned about cutting into my glove and havign to buy a new one after stuffing it up…

    My question, that i’m HOPING is answered soon…
    Is there anything to be aware of when cutting the glove? Like can you get annoying rough edges, or cut too far too deep and be screwed?

    The only other concern i have, is does this mod shorten the life span of the glove? ie. is it likely to split due to the cuts?

    If these concerns are laid to rest, i’ll be buying a stanley knife on the way home from work…

    Thanks in advance…

  7. Mr pink

    sorry I haven’t written sooner, haven’t been on for a while!

    Ok the most important thing is the relocation of the new wrist strap as that holds your hand in the glove… With that buy super glue to hold the 3/4 of rectangle down,

    Regarding the cutting, I wouldn’t go much wider than I’ve suggested above, I believe that if you go as deep as the far part of the square Velcro that is best, because you want it deep enough that the wrist is not restricted by foam and that there’s enough space to glue the softer foam in place again

    good luck let me know how it goes


  8. finally got around to making this mod. shifting the strap makes a big difference. I prefer without the grey insert myself.

    I’ve trimmed mine to give a more rounded edge on the back to edge of the glove.

  9. photo of my modded RHP. As you can see I cut back a bit higher on the top edge.


  10. I made the alteration this week(didn’t get to play a game as there was a power outage due to a storm) but i love the modification so far. I’ve made the same cut as Inselaffen, which is a little wider for my arm to fit in. Feels fantastic so far, and was super easy to do with a Stanley Knife. In fact the LHP was harder to trim…

    Don’t think about it.. just do it…

  11. Didn’t fancy doing this with a brand new RHP, so bought a nice cheap one. Absolutely love the mod!

    I cut down a bit further than shown (almost right down to the hard grey foam at the bottom of the glove), and relocated the strap further down.

    Cannot wait to try it out in training soon!
    Thanks for a great article.

  12. Hi people, I’m a goalkeeper from Argentina, and I would like to know if you can help me keeping my Obo HC Right hand or buy an Obo HR right hand, please I would like to have your opinions

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