Difference Between CK , and FG helmets

Hi all I’m in need of a new helmet soon and I’m looking at either getting another CK or an FG , the CK I got now has served me pretty awesomly , but now I see there is the fiberglass one too now , whats the major differences between the two ? besides one is CK and the other is FG ( the stuff they made from)

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  1. The only difference is the material used in their construction. The FG helmet will be slightly heavier as we need to use more raw material to achieve similar protection levels as the CK helmet. The FG material is, however, cheaper thus offering a mid priced helmet between the cheaper PE and more expensive CK.

  2. So amidst all this confusing business about helmets…I was wondering where the ABS fits in or is it a discontinued line? Or was it replaced by the PE?
    All this helmet biz has never really made sense to me and I think is the most confusing product made by obo. Where do the PE, ABS, FG and CK line up on a scale?


    1. The ABS helmet has been discontinued and has been replaced by the PE helmet. ABS material is more expensive than PE so after we developed and safety tested a PE version we dropped the ABS and introduced the PE as the entry level top-end helmet.

      The scale from left to right (protection and cost increasing) is…

      PE < FG < CK

  3. I never could figure out what PE stood for…What helment would you recommend for someone playing U-17 provincial whose a bit budget-whise? I was going to wait for the November Sale and buy the CK but the waiting does hurt!’


    1. PE stands for Poly Ethylene. Its up to you which you choose – the OBO helmets are the only helmets that are tested; i will be uploading some footage from our lab tests soon when i get some time.

      You may want to ask peoples opinions on FHF. I believe people are keen on the CK and Stacey’s helmets. Here is a review; PE Review

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