Amazing Goalie Academy

OBO community,

In close co-operation with OBO founder Simon and Bas from Verbunt Hockey we are working to make the goalie experience even better! The idea is to launch a website where we can share everything about goalkeeping and especially goal keeping development. Coaches/Trainers can submit drills and techniques supported by video (of course) and there should be a fun area also. Because this will be a meeting and communication place for GOALIES by GOALIES we would like to hear your ideas on what we should incorporate. So Speak up!

7 thoughts on “Amazing Goalie Academy”

  1. sounds like a good idea that could benefit a lot of goalkeepers.

    maybe a place where people put video up of themself, and their technique can be critiqued.

    photo section would be nice. dont you just love a picture of a nice save.

    good luck putting this together

  2. Maybe also a section
    where goalkeepers looking for teams (all around the world)
    and teams looking for goalkeepers (all around the world)

    can advertise themself and help people to travel and experience different countrys hockey.

  3. Sounds like a great idea!

    I would love a section with drills that can be used while training or coaching…like the old obo booklet (that I had about 15 years ago) used to have.

  4. Hi, is a (non-profit!) dutch community for goalies. KC has over 9 years the intention to provide goalies with all the information that is needed.

    Currently we are developing an tool to draw exercises, with pre defined vectors like; cannon ball, crazy catch, pawns, other players or goalies etc..

    So i hope you wil contact me to see if there is an possibility to cooperate.

    Redmar Stienstra

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