Tips On Using The OBO Training FLICKA Stick


Product info
This stick allows a coach, player or parent to flick the ball easily at the goalkeeper. The speed is controlled by the user and can be used softly for beginners using their hands and more power for advanced keepers simulating top level drag flicks.

Tips on using the FLICKA stick

Once mastered the OBO Training FLICKA  its really easy to simulating top level drag flicking balls speeds that are accurate and apply less stress to the body. The curve and colour of the stick have been designed to help disguise where the ball is going ensuring the goalkeeper is kept on their toes. The stick should be used softly for younger goalkeepers who are just learning to use their hands to save aerials or more advanced keepers for repetition training. Its also possible to throw some massive aerials for defenders to practice receiving aerials or just having some fun with mates on tour!

Here is a video showing a few tips showing the correct technique for using the stick…

Toni Cronk OBO Profile

Australian womens goalkeeper Toni Cronk’s OBO profile

toni cronk

What club you play for: South Perth
What Country you play for: Australia
Great achievements: Commonwealth Gold in Melbourne 2006
List of gear you use: Robo Hi-Rebound legs and kickers, Hi-control RHP, Hi Rebound LHP, ROBO FG Splat helmet,  skinny thing stick and ROBO BA.
Best goalie memory: every time I play for my country, it brings another special memory
How often do you train: 6 days a week
International caps: 65
International debut: October 2001 versus New Zealand in Melbourne
Any secret tips: Just be where the ball is…
Goals in life: Own several of my own business’s

Here is picture from the 09 Champion Trophy with my custom Aussie pads:


Tips On Using The OBO Training BOBBLA Ball

bobbla ball

Product info
The BOBBLA ball will launch on December 1st 2009 and should be available from your local OBO stockist (keep an eye out for pricing details soon!). The balls will be available in bags by the dozen… they look like eggs get it! Sorry no more yolking around – for more info check out this post.

Tips on using the BOBBLA ball

The OBO Training BOBBLA ball is great for stripping down a goalkeepers kicking technique. It also encourages the fundamental of getting your body behind the ball and using forward body weight transfer.

High density foam technology means that goalkeepers can sometimes get lazy and simply swing their leg to kick the ball and rely on the bounce of the foam and not worry about their body weight distribution.  A goalkeeper with good goalkeeping technique will try to keep their head and chest over the ball to stop the ball rising up, and have a follow trough with forward momentum to get a good clearance.

The ball has been designed to stay low and sometime bobble/pop up occasionally replicating what may happen in a match situation. This allows a coach to simulate repetition training to build muscle memory and helps to keep reactions sharp for the unexpected bobbles.

Here is a video showing a few tips on using the ball…

Kookaburras Update

It has been a busy year for the Australian Hockey Team and it is now almost time for the biggest test of 2009 – the Champions Trophy in Melbourne. Since Ric Charlesworth took over as coach at the start of the year the Kookaburras have played 31 tests, with 23 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses. During this time 31 players have pulled on the green and gold shirt, including 14 debutants. Ric is trying to build a deep squad and this means that competition will be very intense for the final 18 that head to Champions.

Since my last post at the end of our European Tour, the team won a 3 Nations / 4 Team tournament against Malaysia, Canada and Australia A in Canberra. After that we were off to Invercargill for the all-important Oceania Cup and World Cup Qualifiers against New Zealand and Samoa. The first game was a 26-0 win against a very inexperienced but enthusiastic Samoan team, a game that will remain in my memory for that fact that neither myself nor fellow goalkeeper Nathan Burgers were in the 16 that played! Defenders Kiel Brown and Luke Doerner played a half each in the net for the first time and were certainly talking up the fact that they kept a clean sheet afterwards. Burgers and I resumed our spots in the two games against NZ, and it was a great relief when we won the final 3-1 to take our place in next year’s World Cup. I’ve attached a photo of the team after the game – I’m the one wearing the beanie (it was pretty cold in Invercargill, although none of the other boys seem to be feeling it).

More recently we took a relatively inexperienced side to KL for a 5 Test series against Malaysia, who are themselves preparing to head to Invercargill to try and win a World Cup spot ahead of New Zealand. We won the series 3-0 with two draws, and it was great to see three new faces make their mark, namely Jono Charlesworth, Matt Swann and Matt Gohdes (see photo attached). Jono is a team mate in the WA Thundersticks side and Gohdesy plays in my club team, Hale, so it was good to play a test match with both of them. Over the next couple of weeks there are three intra-squad trial games that will be the playing group’s last chance to impress selectors before the team is named for Melbourne on November 10. For the keepers it’s a case of 3 doesn’t go into 2, so Burgers, George Bazeley and I will be doing our best to earn selection in the upcoming games.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some good selection news in my next post!

2009 Oceania Cup Winners

Swann, Charlesworth and Ghodes