Tips On Using The OBO Training BOBBLA Ball

bobbla ball

Product info
The BOBBLA ball will launch on December 1st 2009 and should be available from your local OBO stockist (keep an eye out for pricing details soon!). The balls will be available in bags by the dozen… they look like eggs get it! Sorry no more yolking around – for more info check out this post.

Tips on using the BOBBLA ball

The OBO Training BOBBLA ball is great for stripping down a goalkeepers kicking technique. It also encourages the fundamental of getting your body behind the ball and using forward body weight transfer.

High density foam technology means that goalkeepers can sometimes get lazy and simply swing their leg to kick the ball and rely on the bounce of the foam and not worry about their body weight distribution.  A goalkeeper with good goalkeeping technique will try to keep their head and chest over the ball to stop the ball rising up, and have a follow trough with forward momentum to get a good clearance.

The ball has been designed to stay low and sometime bobble/pop up occasionally replicating what may happen in a match situation. This allows a coach to simulate repetition training to build muscle memory and helps to keep reactions sharp for the unexpected bobbles.

Here is a video showing a few tips on using the ball…

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  1. Some nice video footage David and good goalkeeping techniques.

    Just a few comments:
    The bobblar ball has been a fun product – lots of laughs during the training sessions plus a bit more work chasing after them when they started bouncing around.

    When hit hard the b/ball travelled flat but as it slowed you got the unpredictable bounce forcing players to keep their eye on the ball at all times and improving stick skills (no more lazy stick work sessions).

    The ball is the same size as the normal hockey ball and I expect the same weight – David can clarify that.

    During GK training session I rolled the ball at various speeds GK’s were forces to either kick the ball or block to gain control, then kick, improving decision making and kicking skills which seem to be lacking at times due to keepers relying on the rebound and not clearing the shots properly.
    Use the forwards to challenge the keepers this also helps dealing with pressure situations.
    When used with the mat GK session can be a lot more challenging and exciting. Mix the balls so the players and keepers have to keep guessing – use your imagination!!.
    The b/ball can be used at every level.

    Overall the b/ball improves:

    Kicking techniques
    Urgency – decision making
    Reflexes, speed, agility

    Another new exciting product.

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