Which Kickers for Cloud Legguards?

cloud legguards
It has come to that time of year again where i have to look at my kit and ask myself whether or not it’ll survive another season of punishment. This time round it’s my kickers that are being called into question. My trusty Cloud kickers have started disintegrating at an alarming rate after 4 seasons hard work. While they may well survive another season i will be moving up a division with my school and club so i’m not sure if that’s a risk i want to take.

cloud kickers

So this begs the question; What do i replace them with? Well the obvious answer is another set of Cloud feet friends but given my imminent change in level i think it’s time to upgrade. So my next thought was either the Hi Control or the Hi Rebound Robo models. the problem with this choice is that i play on a sand pitch and i’ve heard that the HR kickers (which i would prefer) disintegrate rapidly on this kind of  surface. And given the cost of Robo kickers i’m not sure that i can justify this. Similarly i’m not sure that i could fork out all that cash for the HC kickers if they’re not exactly what i want.

hi-r kickers

So another, more unusual, option that i have heard of is using Tk Gx 1.0 kickers with OBO legguards. Given that these cost something similar to the Cloud range they are a tempting option. they have a similar tongue system too so i think that the  loking system would still work.

compare the tongue to the Cloud Kickers

If you look closely at the Unusual Diving Syle video (below) i think that that keeper is using Gx 1.0’s with Robo legguards without any twisting.

So does anybody have any thoughts on this? I’d really appreciate some advice. if you have any experience of this or know of anyone using this system please leave a comment.


Cormac Deasy

12 thoughts on “Which Kickers for Cloud Legguards?”

  1. Cormac Deasy

    You may be better asking this question on a forum website – FHF is probably your best bet. Maybe then you could sum up your experience in an article here as a resource to others.

    I have not had any experience with TK kickers so cant really help you out on your decision, but if you getting 4 seasons from a pair of kickers id say they are lasting you well.

    Good luck.

  2. well i have the cloud kickers with the cloud leg guards.
    i suppose the robo ones would be the same with a more protection. i personally wouldn’t mix brands of leg guards and kickers but its your choice..

    by the way is this Cormac DC that goes to ashton?!?

  3. The one and only!! Who’s Hillmonger?? yeah i’ll ask it on a forum so. i’ll put up another post about the responses when i get a decent number of them.

  4. Ashton eh? What year you playing? I remember heading down there last year to play one of your teams, at the time when I played horribly unfortunatly.
    Anyway, I’ve played on the ashton pitch, and theres quite a bit of sand on it. The High rebound kickers probably will hold up for 2 seasons, but I’d reckon the high control will hold up for an extra half, to a full season.
    If your thinking the high control doesn’t have enough rebound, I can say that its still better then then then the cloud 9 rebound, so the ball still bounces off them very well.
    As for Using TK kickers, I wouldn’t recommend it. Although there isn’t any major twisting with it i.e the leggaurd doesn’t rotate, the leg gaurd sits alot looser, and will move around during play. So unless your willing to live with that and it won’t annoy you, get some sort of OBO kickers

  5. Ya i think i’ll see about getting some Hi-Rebound ones and just taking good care of them. I’ll be on the senior-A team next year. which school are you from?(F1-mania)

  6. I use Hi Control kickers with Hi Rebound legguards and there is no rotation at all between the two. I’ve never used the Cloud legguards, but I did use the Yahoo’s and I assume there isn’t much difference in form and there was no rotation either.

    Do you play on grass in Ashton!?!

    I play on waterbased so it might bea little different. I trick I learned is that is you coat the bottom of the kicker with duck tape, it prolong the life of any kicker one to two YEARS! I do it and I’ve had the same kickers for the last four years.

  7. Andrews, the mighty all-Ireland Champions. Probably a year below you though as I’m still able to play juniors next year. Summer quiz 09 on atm, makes me wonder why I’m even on here.

  8. @b-rai I was using club kit (Mercian) before and during the national finals 2011 (which we won 🙂 ). After that my hockey took off and I found myself doing county hockey and JRPC (regional). I was doing all this with kit that was to small and lacked in quality so I decided to get some good kit. Obviously I went for OBO because I had used it at school before and it is unquestionably the best kit out there. I had a big budget so I went for HR Robo all round, I thought that because I would get Large kickers and leguards they would wear out before I grew out of them so it was worth spending the money. I was right. They are great and so are the hand protectors. If your budget is limited the Yahoo range is very good and willing to spend a bit more on the Cloud range you get more features. Both are very good kits so its entirely up to you.

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