Toe Tickler

Here photo that was sent in of a Brabo kit user…ouch!

Here is a photo that was sent in to us of a Brabo kit user…looks like it may have tickled!


Just in case you missed it here is a close up;


6 thoughts on “Toe Tickler”

  1. If you put your legs forward and ‘stretch’ your toes, as it looks like this guys has, then yes, it can happen to every brand of kickers. Probably not as quickly when using 2 strap though, but still…

  2. looks like that would really hurt. I used too get the same problem but only when my toes came out of the front kicker strap. I would just keep pulling the strap over my toes but now I just tape both the kicker straps together. I never have this problem anymore

  3. hm he only uses one strap instead of two…..

    if he had used 2 this wouldnt had happen
    or at least it would be much harder that the ball stays there 😀

    i guess he would also get (another) penalty corner because of catching the isnt it?!

    the foam used by brabo (and in the tk soft range as well by the way) seems not to be as strong as the foam used for the obo hr and hc kickers

    i guess with the obo stuff it also possible to catch the ball like this if you ony use one strap but it wouldnt be that easy!!

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