Tips On Using The OBO Training D’FLECTA Mat


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Balls will be hit at the D’FLECTA, which alter ball directions in both height and width. This simulates deflections and helps train reaction times and hand eye coordination of goalkeepers.

Tips on using the D’FLECTA mat

Fast ball speeds and striker deflections now play a big roll in scoring goals. The mat enables a coach, assistant or even parent to simulate deflected shots targeting high or low shots without needing to include the field players in the exercise. Its also a whole heap of fun for goalkeepers! If not being used the mat can be placed also be used within team drills to simulate defenders who can often deflect the ball.

Here is a video showing a few tips showing the correct technique for using the mat…

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    1. The announced worldwide availability is 1 Dec, however, each market may vary depending on the actual arrival date of stock. You’re best to talk with your local OBO agent to find out when they will have the new training products for local sale.

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