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Welcome Amazing Goalkeeper,

Thanks for joining us on the OBO Keepers Resources 2.0. We have worked hard to provide you with a new improved goalkeepers resource that will enable you to share what you find, contribute your knowledge and learn from other keepers all over the world on playing better and having more fun!

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If this is your first time to OBO Keepers Resources we strongly recommend you view the flash presentations located on the links below to familiarise yourself with how the website works;

Basic navigation of the Keepers Resources Website

How to Use the Keepers Resources Dashboard

How to add a new post/ article to this website.

Some other posts that may be useful are:

How to change your Log In Password

How to get your own custom Avatar

We are not big on rules around OBO, in fact we have broken a few in our time. But please; keep it positive never negative, keep it helpful never personal and always show respect.


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