Sweat (wrist) bands

Just a quick equipment tip about using sweat bands to help with sweat (and keeping it away from your gloves so they don’t slip off!).

A little innocuous but a quick equipment tip if looking to avoid sweaty hands nonetheless, which is potentially useful when playing in hot climates, with the band essentially soaking up excess sweat building up on your arm, to prevent your hands getting clammy and your glove slipping (basically loosing grip as the sweat builds up). Hopefully wicking away the sweat as a baselayer would. I’m sure you can get some on Ebay or a sports store! You’re more likely to see them worn in tennis (I know Nadal does at least!), but they can be a quick trick for helping with sweat as has been said. Tom Sheridan, American international uses them for this and I think Juan Manuel Vivaldi also is often seen wearing them (not for certain!). Ben Cowling at Canterbury in the EHL (as opposed to NZ!) also does.


And for proof, here’s a link to a photo of Sheridan wearing one!




And you can notice the sweat band on Cowling’s right wrist here:




Alternative use: alternative tubigrip!

Other than using them for wicking away sweat, some goalkeepers also use them as a cover for the elbow, sliding them up the arm as a fast and furious way of trying to deal with turf burns when going without arm protection. The band is placed over or around the elbow to help prevent contact with the surface and friction when going down to slide. Andrey Rocke, Trinidad and Tobago’s goalkeeper is an international that definitely does! There are national league goalkeepers like Ben Cowling that do this (at least, I think he does!), as do others, such as HC Bra’s goalkeeper (seen footage of HC Bra’s goalkeeper in the Italian league and Eurohockey Club Champions Trophy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QHn4-bY9ug&list=PLBD60D5597445717F) pictured below and Rocke:





And an Aussie ‘keeper showing their use in a warmer climate!




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