9 thoughts on “Squeaky Kickers”

  1. You could try a light application of a silicon lubricant spray. I use “Armourall” on my stuff, front and under, works a treat but it makes getting up difficult ’cause it is soooo slippery! LOL

  2. Good to know this happens to other people too. It’s just something that happens when surfaces like foam rub against things, I find it’s worse with leather like astros. I just live with it, it gives the other players something to smile about during those wet training sessions. lubericant might work but be careful you don’t use anything that could damage the materials or you might end up with the worse problem of buying a new pair.

  3. I’m pretty used to the noise now too!
    I was just wondering though, since you mentioned the lubricants and how it made it difficult to get up as it was slippy…..would this be an idea for legguards that dont slide on indoor surfaces?
    I’ve been struggling a lot indoors as I want to play an attacking game but find it difficult when Im wary for going down when I bounce rather than slide!

  4. @nutta182 I think you’re not the only person that slides when you use lubricant on your gear. Some use babypowder, same problem. Floor gets slippery. I made legguard-covers from pillow-cases.

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