Series Win

Hi everyone. This afternoon, in a milestone game for Nic Arrold (200th), we drew our final match with Germany which meant we won the series. It was a tough and very hot game in the beautiful european sun. We went into half time drawn at 0-0 after dominating the attack. I only had one save in the whole half. With about 10 or so minutes to go the Germans were awarded a terrible corner which they scored from. We knew we had to at least draw to take the series so we pushed and pushed for a goal. Some how, with about 3 seconds to go we managed to knock one in the net. The siren had gone before we even had time to celebrate. Everyone is feeling exhausted after a hockey filled 3 days so we are looking forward to a day off tomorrow as we travel to Dublin.

Tonight we did head out for dinner and after watching the Germans beat England in the world cup it was absolute carnage in the streets. Every car was tooting their horn, people were hanging out the windows yelling and cheering. Streets were blocked off as people were just drinking and singing. I have never seen anything like it. Talk about bringing a country together. The game finished 3 hours ago and we can still hear the partying from our room. Amazing! We all couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if the hockey world cup caused such excitement.

Im not sure if we will have internet access at our hotel in Ireland so this may be my last report. I hope everyone is surviving the cold winter back home. Im off to apply some moisturiser to my sun burn 😛


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