Review: OBO Wheelie Bag

ROBO wheelie bag review by Leonie Hoffmann


I think this bag is the best which was ever been created by OBO.I really love the colours.But in my opinion it should have more pockets to seperate things like hockeyshoes, the throat protector or the shirt, from the smelly stuff.

Kind regards from munich

Leonie Hoffmann

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  1. can anyone at obo enlighten me as to the small velcro bit on the bottom of the bag on the inside? I cant for the life of me figure out what it is used for!



  2. I have used the OBO bags since last century. A few things come to mind that I think would be real improvements.
    Do away with the extendable handle it weighs too much and is not very usefull. (airlines love ’em for the excess baggage charges)
    Make the bags a little larger (with the weight you’ve saved it shouldn’t be a problem) with a more rigid base
    Include a couple of straps a’la the Gryphon and Atlas bags to secure the gear by tightening the bag.

    Hope that helps

  3. Unfortunatly I haven’t had such a good experiance with the Obo bag. I used it for one season after which it was ripped broken and in no fit state to carry on for another. The handles on the side had ripped, the zips were splitting and the telescopic handle wasn’t pulling out properly. And this wasn’t through me neglecting the bag, I just used it twice a week for training and once for matches.

    I have now moved onto the TK 5 bag, which so far is working nicely. Up untill the point off me not being able to use it, I loved the obo bag specially the colour combinations.

  4. I use an under armour rolling bag, and I love it! Extendable handle, separate zipper pocket for jersey, mouthguard, water bottle, etc, carry handle, clips, zips, and velcros across the top, super durable, and its the perfect size! I have packing it down to a science, and although things need to be packed in a specific way to fit, it keeps the bag as small as possible for travel. I have only used it for one season, but it doesnt have a single tear or hole! One downside: because it is a structured bag, not a soft collapsable bag, it is difficult to get into small cars. I can’t get it in the trunk of my dads car, so i have to put it in the back seat (but the car does have the smallest trunk ever, next to a smart car or mini cooper).

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