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Hello all. I’m writing my latest goalie column for PUSH magazine here in the UK, and I’m canvassing opinion on something that’s been pretty central to my game in the last few weeks: the weather.

I’m wondering how you guys deal with extreme weather. How do you keep warm and focussed when the opposition’s not giving you much to do and you’re losing feeling in youir toes and earlobes? Stretch? Dance? Sing?…

And when it’s hot, are you prepared to maybe ditch your arm-guards in the interests of comfort?

In either situation, what sort of breathables/thermals do you favour? Do you think existing kit is up to the job of keeping you comfortable in flag-cracking heat and bum-numbing cold?

Would love to hear your views on this, either in the comments below, by emailing me at richardsmyth100@hotmail.com or by tweeting me at @rsmythfreelance. Cheers!

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  1. hey, i try to train and play the same no matter what the weather. though we know it affects us. i will generally do some running on the spot, stretching/lunges, and walking around if the weather is cold. this is just to keep my muscles warm and moving so that i can try not to let them freeze up and if needed i can move and perform.

  2. If the temperature drops towards 0°C then I will sometimes put a “Warm” long sleeve baselayer top on and might consider my long sleeve smock. Most of the year I wear a summer weight short sleeved baselayer, shortsleeve smock and cycling arm warmers to reduce the chance of ripping my elbows to shreds on astro (harder wearing than tubigrip) – I don’t wear arm guards ever.
    On occasion in a Summer League game when it’s been really hot I have sometimes removed my throat guard but that’s it.
    I think that as a goalkeeper you tend to just grin and bear it and get on with the game/training regardless whether it’s hot or cold. You’re naturally going to limit exertion when you’re hot and do a bit more when you’re cold but I certainly don’t change my game dramatically.

    (1st XI GK for Sutton Coldfield HC @SutColHockey)

  3. In the cold I jump up and down and maybe do short sprints and stretches to try and stay warm and keep my muscles moving. I usually wear a long sleeve tshirt (thermal if it’s cold) and shorts and football socks regardless of the weather, whether or not I wear armguards depends on the level I am playing at, rather than the weather.
    When it’s warm I just get on with it…maybe wear a thinner smock or wear short sleeves.

  4. In the cold, get the old base layer out, then short sprints to the flick spot and back, side steps across the D and jumping I find tends to get the feeling back in your toes!!! Stretching is pretty important as well, as I find even after doing some running, your muscles still feel a bit stiff.
    In the heat I will loose a playing shirt so playing in skins, and I will loose my left arm guard (I play mostly on sand, and quite like having skin on my right elbow!!!) I have never tried the under armour gear to keep you cool, but other than that, I can’t see any other way of a keeper keeping cool during the summer months… besides a sub bringing you a ice cold pint!

  5. we have unbearable heat and humidty down here in the tropics. I moved away from full arms to elbow guards, wear heat compression top (full arm), have gome down to minimal protection shorts (Nike) for games (still wear OBO’s for training) and have just purchased an Ergodyne Evaporation Triangle Hat and Neck Bandanna. will have to see if there is enough airflow through the helmet for it to work properly.

  6. I always wear an underarmour compression shirt when I play, the only time I’ll wear something else is if it’s cold, windy and rainy out, than I’ll wear a thicker underarmour. I’m lucky, not having to play in temperatures below zero yet, but if I go to school in eastern Canada, I’ll have to deal with it. If I have to, I’ll be investing in some proper thermal base layer clothing.

    I also always wear adidas running pants when I play, even if it’s boiling hot out. I’m a bit of a freak though because I’ll wear my pants and jacket in 35+ degree heat and be perfectly fine. I’ll sweat, but I’m not uncomfortable in the heat.

  7. Hi all. Thanks loads for your responses – plenty to think about. You’re a stoical bunch! My column’ll be in the next issue of Push. Cheers, Richard.

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