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We recently released some OBO Training Product Pictures. We had several requests to see the products in action so here is a product introduction showing the products being used…please let us know your thoughts via the comments.

The products will go on sale wordwide on December 1st 2009.

Keep an eye out for some beta test reviews and international coach drills soon…

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8 thoughts on “OBO Training Product Video”

  1. Yep the purpose of using 3 is the increase the suface area, but i think i did only hit the middle mat. Having several possitioned around the D works extremely well when working with strikers shooting from different positions.

    Keep an eye open for the retail pricing. Care for a guess on the price?

  2. I have had the extreme fortune to try out the products already through a sample that my local supplier received. I am beyond words for the D flecta mat and find the bobblas quite tricky. I have not had the chance to use the flicka in practice but have tried it out during water breaks, etc. I find it rather puzzling to use. Is there any proper technique? I always thought it was like a PC pull out but in the vid it seems to look more like a pullout and a scoop.

  3. @ KanuckKeeper…glad you liked the ball and mat.

    There is a correct technique to using the Flicka stick. Most people when they pick it up first will pull the ball to the left. A new section will be updated on the OBO website in due time that will have a tutorials on the correct technique and other tips on using each product.

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