New Short Sleeved Smock

Hello amazing people based on your recent feedback here is a basic but fresh smock option we have been working on.

It fits with the new FIH “one colour smock ruling” outlined below.

Goalkeepers and players with goalkeeping privileges must wear a single coloured shirt or garment which is different in colour from that of both teams. Goalkeepers (ie wearing full protective equipment) must wear this shirt or garment over any upper body protection.

Quote from FIH 09/10 rules


The smock is made from the mesh and comes in any colour as long as its black. Based on demand and your feedback we can add more colours and look at some modification so please drop us a comment on your thoughts…


Before you ask i’m wearing a CLOUD body armour, ROBO hi-control hand protectors, Skinny thing stick and a ROBO FG helmet.

This product should be available from December 09.

16 thoughts on “New Short Sleeved Smock”

  1. I love it! I would definitely buy that. The only thing i would say is that it could do with being a tad longer at the bottom. I would gladly buy it in white too.

  2. That new rule is a joke, right? I used to play in jerseys from the soccer club (Hannover 96) of my hometown or an icehockey jersey from the Colorado Avalanche. What’s the point in banning that kind of shirts? It’s just ridiculous.

  3. Pretty much – it does make life a bit plain – were all about the colour though! I think we will look to add some more interesting things to the smocks in the future to see how much of “in principle” plain smock we can get away with…

  4. Apparently your arm protectors have to be covered up now too. I got told to either take mine off or cover them as i was wearing a short sleeved smock on saturday. Luckily i had some tubi-grips in the bag ( a tip from this very site no less) and was able to oblige. Still very annoying.

  5. stupid rulling, wont be followed at club level, are they expecting all goal keepers to have 3 differnt smokes all of which plain in single coulour. A Boycott of this rule is in order i think

  6. Yip, ignoring might help. The FIH is making some funny rules in the last few years…
    I mean, yeah, I have like 4 jerseys in my bag but like only one of them applies to the new rule. But I’m not going to buy new jerseys just because the FIH tells me to.

  7. Can’t see the logic behind the smock rule. I can see a bit with covering up equipment, but I think it should really be on the principle that the ball can’t become lodged in the gear.

  8. does the “new” rule mean that its not allowed to play in our normal goalie shirts because they are from adidas and the stripes are in an other colour?! 😀

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