Knees Up Review By Alistair McGregor

Alistair McGregor
Alistair McGregor is the current Loughborough Students and Great Britain goalkeeper. As an OBO sponsored player has requested to test out the Knees Up knee protector…here is his review:

“I have been using the knee pads for the past few months now and have been very impressed by them. I got a direct hit off them during a shooting session, obviously at the time the initial impact still hurt, however i was able to continue with the session. Having been hit on the knee before with other knee pads i have suffered a bit of stiffness from the impact. I feel that with the OBO knee pads that the stiffness from the injury was far less and only received a very small mark were the ball hit me. The foam in the knee pads seemed to dispel a lot of the impact of the shot. I fully appreciate that the thickness of the foam is difficult to get right, i feel that this is very close to being an excellent knee pad. The knee pads sit well with the shorts and the open knee area helps to keep them in place. A possible addition could be a plastic/harder thin material inside the knee pad to provide even greater protection.”

Knees Up

” The knee pads do hold the water quite a lot when wet, however overall I have been very impressed with the knee pads and will be using them in the Olympics. I feel that the knee pads give me that little bit of extra confidence when facing some of the hardest hitters of the ball in the world.”

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4 thoughts on “Knees Up Review By Alistair McGregor”

  1. Ali, Do you wear them on opposite legs, like left on right and vice versa? Some people I know do this so the protection is on the outside of the leg instead of on the inside. Also whats the movement like in them? I feel some Knee protection restrics/limits movement quite considerably and after trying a few pairs on I would be interested in trying these out..
    when the funds are available!



  2. Abbo,
    i think its down to personal preference; most people find inner protection is what they want. You normally get on the inner side if your stretching for a shot and your shorts ride up slightly. I have worn them and they hardly restrict movement at all.

    You could check out this review from Zip who helped in the beta testing stages.

  3. just the other day I got a ball to the knee – and tell you what, what it hurts like crazy.. luckily it wasn’t to serious, but that was my warning..

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