Kickers for large feet

I’m going to give keeping a go after years of being a field player. One issue I have to consider is my feet! I have size 14 (UK)/15(US) feet. Does anyone know if feet around that size will be ok in a large size kicker? I live in a town which doesn’t keep any GK gear so I can’t easily go anywhere to try stuff on. Any help/advice appreciated.

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  1. To be honest i’ve seen lots of people complaining aout anything larger than an 11 in the L kickers. My size 11 UK feet are just about OK, if I wear a thin soled footie astro. I personally think you are going to struggle to keep your toes protected. Get in touch with OBO direct I understand they can do custom fits… more expensive though.

    I do remember a few people who have successfully removed some foam from the inside to make the kickers bigger, harms the protection though.

  2. Thnx for the comments. I thought I’d struggle in large. The good folks at Obo did say that they’d supply me with some foam to protect the back of my foot if it required it.

  3. If I where you I’d cut the little lumps on the inside of the back of the kickers off, which are mean’t to keep your feet in place, then you should be able to wear them as normal, but with your feet sticking out the back… could even rebuild them further back by sticking some extra foam on.

    Bets of luck.

  4. hi!
    i’m belgian and i have bigs foot too =P (12′)
    you must choose running shoes and take a pair of large kikkers and so it’s possible to play protected
    (sorry for my bad english =P)

    i have all asked at obo if they make “XL” KIKKERS and they said no than we havn’t choose 😉

    have fun !!! in your goal

    arthur reinhard Bruxelles Belgium 😉

    PS: maybe if a lot of poeple ask for XL kikkers probably they shall make it ??? =P

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