Indoor Legguard Covers

An article about indoor legguard covers and how to make them yourself or purchase them.

I have seen a few questions floating around about indoor pad covers on FHF so I have written this article to try and summarise the information.

Indoor pad covers are made from fabric and a held in place to cover the foam on your pads to help you slide and protect the foam.

You are able to buy some covers; Verbunt offer Indoor Legguard covers for 39 Euros.


Alternatively if you are a bit strapped for cash or fancy getting creative on a sewing machine you could make some. Pillow cases seem like a base point to start from.

Here are a few detailed pictures from of Folmer of his pad covers which should give you a good idea on how they work;

In Summary
The cover is basically a piece of fabric that has the edges covered with thin nylon band. A piece of string runs all the way through the hem of nylon band. At the bottom 2 thicker fabric bands are attached where the points of the legguards go through.
Then pull the string and the fabric “folds” itself around the legguards.

Please let me know via the comments if there are any other tips to add and update the article.

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