How to be a Steel Ball of Muscle

Bruises, sprains, knocks and even broken bones come with the territory of a goalkeeper. Protein helps in the repair and recovery of damaged muscles and tissues, and in the recovery of energy stores. Consuming sufficient amounts of protein enables your body to recovery from training and to build strength. For young goalkeepers, protein is also needed for normal daily growth of the body. Those who are wanting to “bulk up”, must also consume protein.

If you want to build muscle you got to eat man!
If you want to build muscle you got to eat man!

Most people consume enough protein for their normal daily needs but sports people need to monitor their protein intake especially when they are trying to increase muscle. You should daily consume 1 – 1.5g of protein per kilogram of your own weight so an 80kg person should consume 80-120 g of protein each day depending on the intensity of the training. Young goalkeepers still growing should daily eat 2g/Kg of body weight.

Dairy products, eggs, meat and vegetables are all good sources of protein as to are protein bars and protein shakes.

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