Floortje Engels

Here are a few snaps of Dutch goalkeeper and gold medal winner; Floortje Engels.


The Dutch women recently won the Rabo Euro Hockey Nations championships and Floortje won player of the competition 2008-2009 which is a very special for a goalie. Congradulations Floortje!


Here is a few shots of Floortje in action at the 2009 Samsung Champions Trophy in Sydney.



Photo credit; Stanislas Brochier

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  1. Floortje is a lovely person and an awesome Goalie and always looks stunning in her distinctive OBO kit , whether she is playing for the Dutch national team or for Amsterdam. I have photos of her from the Samsung World Cup , Madrid and from a number of Amsterdam games including these from the Bowdon 2009 European Club Cup Winners Club , 2009. Check these out of her in her Amsterdam kit.


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