5 thoughts on “Field Hockey Goalkeeper Tricks”

  1. Yap, Max is just great! Met him at the games against the Netherlands in September. He wasn’t what you’d called pleased with his performance (especially because he wasn’t able to stop at least one of Taekemas flicks) but he was friendly anyway and wrote lots of autographs. Quite a nice guy and one of the best keepers I’ve ever seen/met.

  2. I’m currently injured, again, but I still want to do something surrounding hockey and I decided I wanted to learn to juggle the ball. One of my goalie coaches did at practice once and since then I’ve decided I wanted to learn how. The only problem is I can’t figure out how to kick the ball more then once. I’m able to drop it and kick it up so that I can catch it but I can’t kick it twice. Does anyone know where I should be kicking it or do I just have to keep doing it until I find the “sweet spot”? Also, does anyone know of any other “tricks” I can try and learn that don’t involve me running or jumping?

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