Sorry for not writing more this past year; been more busy than I’d hoped with studying. Here’s a very quick article to point you in the direction of baselayers if you didn’t know about them before!

You will now see a lot of goalkeepers wearing ‘baselayers’; a special type of top worn by sportspeople to keep themselves free from sweat. Rugby players, footballers and other types of athletes all wear them, and they are now becoming popular in hockey. The clothing is used to keep the goalkeeper cool and dry; reducing humidity and wicking away sweat from the body. Canterbury is one of the most famous brands. Baselayers are simply worn under the chest pad. Instead of wearing a t-shirt, you just wear the baselayer. Baselayers are long-sleeved and will keep your arms warm in the cold weather. Baselayers are easy to get hold of. Sports stores stock them, as do some camping outlet stores (they do a different type designed to keep you warm as well as sweat free, which is useful for the winter months!).


Simply put, they are a good way of keeping cool when you are working up a sweat, although that’s not to say your muscles won’t keep optimally warm!




4 thoughts on “Baselayers”

  1. I use Canterbury long sleeved Heatgear. really helps keeping cool(er) in our tropical climate.

    have now started wearing UnderArmour compression shorts and Skins BioSocks as well

  2. I tend to use short-length leg skins and a singlet, but I’ve found that Under Armour’s coldgear full-length legs are really good for keeping warm, particularly in rainy/cold matches if you’ve got a long time between shots.

  3. personally i wear my base layer becasue it reduces bruns when playing on waterbased pitches, on sand based i will still you eblow gaurds. but its nice to have your arms free and not have to worry about painfull burns

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