Physical Components of Goalkeeping

Hey, so I’m having doing a lot of research on goalkeeping as its A Level PE position in sport, and I am having to research the physical components of goalkeeping. Now I know that a lot of the components link in with each other eg You can’t only have good reactions, cause if you don’t have the power in your legs to get your body close enough to the ball your trying to save then where is no way you’ll save it even if you have reacted quickley to it! So…

I’m basically asking for different peoples views on a rank order for the following physical components that I have come up with: (If you feel that I have missed a key component them please add it to your answer!)

1. Reactions

2. Speed

3. Power

4. Agility

5. Flexibilty

6. Balance

7. Strength

8. VO2 Max (aerobic capacity)

So I would really appreciate if you could list the above conponents in rank order of which you feel are the most important for a GK.

Thank you!