Obo Robo Hot-Pants Review

Yes yet another review from me!

This time however I’m going to review my Obo Robo Hotpants!!!


Before I got these pants I was using my clubs (So ice hockey brand that I can’t remember)

And will if I may they were RUBISH! (Compared to the hot pants)

They were heavy, loose around the thighs, the system for tightening the waist loosed and even when it was tight enough to stay up, it hurt!

They only offered protection to your thighs leaving your hips and parts of your groin that the cup doesn’t cover open.

This though is a thing of the past with my Hot-Pants!

They first few things I noticed when I took them out of the box was the same nifty buckle on the belt as is on the leg guards and robo kickers meaning no more loosing!!!!And plenty of padding between you and the belt (One problem solved instantly!)


I also noticed the Velcro straps for the thighs meaning you could tighten them eliminating the annoyance of them flapping about and getting caught as you run out to cream somebody.(Yet another problem solved)


And the big cup like pads for your hips meaning lots of protection from shots and less pain when sliding and diving.( all four of my major problem with my old pants solved)


On further examining I found that the inner leg which is often hit was also covered!

There is a gap for your cup, making them more comfortable.


They offer Brilliant protection and I must emphasise BRILLIANT!!

And I have proof.

One day in training one of the coaches (David Hobbes 120+ Ireland International. Still playing)

He was warming me up. We had done the pushing, flicking, slapping and were about to move on to hits. I had just kicked the last of the balls over to him and was waiting for it to begin. I had just said Okay Go!

When one of the bungle out field players calls me to pass them a ball,

As is natural I looked over to see who it was and WHACK!!!

I get a full force strike from the man himself straight into the thigh!

As I was off balance I fell back onto the ground much to the amusement of the other goalie and some of the outfielders.

When I had come back to my senses I noticed it DIDN’T hurt one bit!( thinking back to it now I was lucky I didn’t have my old ones as the ball would have probably gone through my leg! haha

And so ends my story.

I’ve been hit in the leg a few times with no pain whatsoever but this one sticks in my head.

All in all Robo hot pants are Amazing and if you’re willing to spend a bit extra.

Do as I have never had a single flaw.

Please leave a comment!



CLOUD Legguards Review

Well I chose to review my OBO cloud legguards


Before I got my Cloud I was using my clubs leg guards. But I found that even on a nice slippery water base pitch you COULDN’T slide!

When I first ordered them I was regretting not getting the ROBO, as I heard rumours that cloud was useless!!

On the day they arrived I was surprised at how light they were!

I noticed that they looked the same as the ROBO hi-control but presuming with slightly softer foam and a few less perks. But still have a lot of good ideas that you won’t find on many other brands

-The left leg is wider than the right for some reason (probably for extra height when logging or something)

-The wings at the side are lower to the ground which really helps to stop balls just sliding past your foot.

-The straps are hiding so there is wear-n-tear when sliding.

-The oddly shaped buckles help to stop the straps loosening during a game or training.

-The great idea of the tongue that helps stop the leg guards from twisting!

(yes I know these are not cloud but it’s the same idea)


The only flaw I can see with the leg guards is that the area around the knee (highlighted)is quite more built up more than the rest of the pads so when I log there is naturally a gap between them making a lovely target for a good striker. Maybe that is only me as I have short-ish legs but, I have no idea that could help stop this without reducing protection. (yes lets laugh at the very badly drawn picture)

My funky drawing

To finish it all I would like to say that I would recommend cloud leg guards to any keeper as they have absolutely excellent protection, are light and easy to move in and have never caused me a single problem during a match.

By the way if anybody else has had the problem with the built up knee please leave me a comment! and if you dont, leave a comment anyway!!