American Keeper looking for club team to play with

Hi World,

I am an American Collegiate GoalKeeper who is looking into living in Holland for a year/ a semester . I am wicked interested in finding a club to play for while there. Although my stay would not be for two or three years, I want to know if it is realistic to join and play with a club. Hockey World; do you think it would be possible for me to find a team to play with?



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  1. Hi Ellie,

    How serious/concrete are your plans? If you’re really coming to Holland, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a club/team! We are a real hockey nation and almost every city has a field hockey club. Especially the first teams of those clubs experience difficulties in finding a talented goalie who is good enough to defend their goal! I’m the goalie of the first team of HCM (one of the three hockey clubs in my city Arnhem) and I’m planning to quit at the end of this year. After 25 years of hockey…. it’s enough. I’m 31 now and most of my gifted young team mates are half my age hehehehe. So….. you’re most welcome! 😉

    Bye for now,


    (information about the city of Arnhem:

    P.S. next to Arnhem there is a city called Nijmegen, we have a big and well known university there…

  2. Hey Inez,

    Thanks so much for giving me some insite on about Dutch club teams. I am very adamant about finding a club team to play for while living in Holland. I have not worked out when/ how long I shall actually be living in Holland, but hopefully sooner than later.

    Is Arhhem anywhere near Naarden? I have actrully played at a club in Naarden a few summers ago.

    Thanks again.


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