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I am in year 13 and studying pe and we have to write a coursework on the sport we play. In this coursework there are two sections. Section B and Section C (Section A is filming in competitive situations). I am struggling with section B as in it we have to describe 2 attacking weakness’, 2 defensive weakness’ and 2 tactical weakness, then we have to compare each of these to an elite performer. I am struggling to work out how to categorise skills and need statistics of elite performers. Please can someone help me. Is urgent!

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  1. How about short corner routines? Both offensive and defensive? Does a team run 2-2 box or a 3-1 to pressure Drag-flick? Does a keeper go to ground and log or stand upright? Before the ball is injected into the D, can you analyse keeper stance? – One foot in front of the other/ feet should width apart? Can you use youtube clips of keepers such a Simon Mason or James Fair or other GK’s during the Olympics and reference those?
    This probably isn’t what you mean but heyho 😛

  2. Attacking Weaknesses:
    A goalkeeper can only use their pads inside the D.
    It is very hard to move around effectively with well protecting kickers on, especially in 1 on 1 situations inside the D, where lots of movement is needed.
    Defensive weaknesses:
    Personally, very difficult to move backwards when trying to defend and still face onto the ball.

    Mmm. i can see your point now……

    Good luck with it anyway!


  3. Thank you so much for the help for my weakness’ I have chosen 1 v 1 and left foot distribution for attacking, right hand saving and stance for defensive and communication and short corners for tactical? Thing that is right I messaged a fellow keeper at my club for more help. As for statistics I have spent my afternoon watching you tube clips then I realised I need written statistics which I couldn’t find anywhere so I tweeted James fair for help he followed me back and asked for my email and said he will see what he can do! Thank you again.

  4. Hi Ed,

    Here is a clip that might help in your analysis. This is Bart De Vries from Capital NHL team defending shoot-outs at this year’s NHL game aganst Harbour City.


    This clip does a very good job of demonstrating GK v 1, particulalr the importance of the GK’s body position and attacking style of play. This is an area that we spent alot of time concentrating on in our training sessions.

    Good luck. If you need any more help, just ask.


  5. Thanks very much for the clip andy, is helpful in seeing what i actually need to do, he has a very attacking style of play, one i wish i could implement in my own play, all i need know is the ‘perfect technical model’ but in writing for 1 v 1, Left foot Clearence, Right Hand saves, Aattcking stance

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