Air Cannon Helps OBO Test its Latest Mask

CRASH TEST: The air cannon used in impact testing at the OBO laboratory in Palmerston North. The Antipodean collider is actually a form of air cannon used in testing helmets, face masks and other protective gear developed by the Palmerston North-based sports equipment manufacturer, OBO. OBO is now well into the design and prototype construction … Continue reading “Air Cannon Helps OBO Test its Latest Mask”

New Science is Saving Faces

A spin-off from OBO’s new knowledge could also lead to riot police around the world wearing protective gear made in New Zealand. A $217,000 investment from TechNZ, the business investment arm of the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, is helping OBO understand exactly what happens to the body, particularly the face and head, when … Continue reading “New Science is Saving Faces”

New Test Lab Tackles Sports Injuries “Head-On”

Media release, 7 May 2008, Nightside Test Design Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand: Christchurch based company test engineering company Nightside Test Design is showcasing slow motion video clips of their latest vision and data project at the EMEX trade show currently running in Auckland, demonstrating the impact of cricket and hockey balls on standard sports helmets.